City walk Funchal for cruise guests | Madeira, Portugal

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City walk Funchal for cruise guests

You are arriving on a cruise ship to Madeira and would like to explore Funchal on your own? Our audio guide will take you from the port through the most interesting parts of Funchal’s city center. With visits to 2 parks, the market hall, and Rua de Santa Maria with its many bars and restaurants, there is also plenty of time for relaxing moments on this city tour.
Our city tour includes 18 stations and 4 signposts. It is designed for approximately 3 to 4 hours, with the visit of two parks and ample time for a visit to a bar or café.
Please pay attention to the directions for the next station at each individual station. We recommend stopping at each station, listening to the explanations, and then proceeding. The corresponding directions to the next station are also stored as text at each station and can be read.
The map view of the app can also be helpful for orientation.

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Stationen in diesem Audioguide:

Welcome to Funchal - General information (0:46 min) • Fort São José (1:11 min) • CR7 Hotel and Museum (0:52 min) • Discovery of Madeira (2:17 min) • Settlement of Madeira (2:33 min) • São Laurence Palace (1:42 min) • Jardim Municipal do Funchal - The City Park (0:46 min) • Madeira wine (2:03 min) • João Gonçalves Zarco Statue (2:01 min) • Funchal Cathedral (1:51 min) • Calcada Pflasterung (0:30 min) • Chapel of São Luis de Tolosa (0:29 min) • Town Square and Jesuit Church (1:11 min) • Signpost (0:18 min) • Columbus Square (0:51 min) • Signpost (0:25 min) • Mercado dos Lavradores - The Market Hall (0:49 min) • Rua Santa Maria and a cool Poncha (1:03 min) • São Tiago Fortress (1:05 min) • Cable car (1:07 min) • Ribeiras - rushing waters (1:02 min) • Signpost (0:14 min) • Santa Catarina Park (1:52 min)

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